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The Prevaricators are a fresh jazz septet based in Leiden, the Netherlands. Covering a wide range of vintage and contemporary jazz styles, The Prevaricators deliver an entertaining performance in any setting. They combine a positive vibe with artistic depth, voyaging beyond the more conventional jazz entertainment.

Prevaricator ​[pri-var-i-key-ter]: a person who speaks so as to avoid the precise truth.

Prevarication [pri-var-i-key-shuh-n]: to behave in an indecisive manner.

So, who are the people behind The Prevaricators? Are they ambitious musicians who are impersonating professionals with a serious daytime job? Or is it the other way around? In fact they could never decide and pursue both their professional and artistic careers with the same enthusiasm.


Albert van Dorssen

Keyboards and Business Development


Ramon Hanssen

Drums and Geodesy Professorship

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David Levelt

Alto Sax and Software Engineering


Remco de Looff

Trumpet and Project Management


Hans Peek

Double Bass and Legal Counseling


Casper Rouffaer

Tenor Sax and Financial Journalism


Lourens la Roi

Trombone and Legal (IT and privacy) Counseling

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